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All Packages are Customizable (Call for your Free Consultation)


Silver Package
Gold Package
Platinum Package

We proudly present our Silver package for our entry level standard experience with great savings and even bigger results. We do recommend adding one of our great enhancement's to give you that extra element and make your Dream Celebration even more memorable.. 

We proudly present our Gold package for our client's looking to spruce it up a bit. Enhance your party dance floor with our DJ/M.C. to carry you through the night along with HD Plasma T.V.'s and Visuals. We do recommend adding one of our great enhancement's to give your celebration more spice.

Our most popular package is the Platinum package, every thing you need for your entertainment! Turn your party into a Concert, Nightclub, or a romantic setting with Dj's going back to back, and an MC to carry on the night. Plasma Tv's projecting slideshows and live video feed's. This package comes with a FREE enhancement of choice.

Contact us​ ​​for a free quote & to discuss covering
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  • DJ/M.C

  • State of the art sound system             

  • Standard lighting                                             Includes: Revolving Intelligent Lights setup

  • Wireless Mic System


  • DJ/M.C

  • Premium State of the art sound system             

  • Plasma with Dancefloor Light Up Stand 

  • Dance Floor Light Show                                    Includes:Revolving Intelligent Dance Lights

  • Up to 10 Up-Lights (Any Color of Choice}

  • Wireless Mic System


  • DJ

  • M.C./Host

  • Elite State of the art sound system

  • Plasma's with Dancefloor Light Up Stand (Live Music Video Mixing, Slideshows, Live Event Feed's, Etc.)

  • Programed Light Show                             (Revolving Intelligent Dance Lights and LED Performance Lights)

  • Up to 20 Up-Lights (Any Color of Choice)

  • Wireless Mic System

  • "Dream Works" Meeting -                           (Playlist Discussion, Rehearsal Visit, Assist in Event Coordination, Grand Entrance Planning, etc.)                                                

  • FREE ENHANCEMENT:                         Walk On Clouds Experience


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